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Patient Testimonials

I had an amazing experience at this facility. The building was so clean with an awesome atmosphere. They asked me what music station I would like to listen to, and that helped calm my nerves. They reassured me that I would feel no pain .. and they were right! Not the tiniest bit. They made one of my biggest fears (a root canal) an easy PAINLESS experience. I choose to travel extra to go see this particular doctor (recommended by my Dentist) & I am so glad that I did! Dr. Lambert is the best. I am happy to say that if I have to go back I will have no anxiety next time thanks to Dr. Lambert & his entire staff. I still can’t believe how positive the experience was.

Kelli DeShields

Dr Lambert was so compassionate and caring. Solved a long term problem for me and relieved sinus pressure and dealt with brewing bacteria in an old root canal. The whole office is very efficient and kind. Zero wait time in the waiting room. At 64 I am thrilled to still have all my teeth thanks to Dr Harris and now Dr Lambert.

Gail Lukens

I have had 2 root canals.Dr.Lambert is exceptional he is very caring and professional and most important I never experienced any pain!!!!Blair and the dental assistants are the best!

Marti Froio

Dr. Lambert’s staff is wonderful, the facility is impeccably neat, and scheduling the appointment was easy. I really appreciated how Dr. Lambert explained everything to me so I could relax. If I had any idea how excellent this experience would have been I wouldn’t have waited a year to get it done. I would highly recommend Dr. Lambert to anyone. I can’t say enough great things. Thanks so much for everything.

Becky E.

It has been 2 weeks and I am pain free! You guys are awesome. Thank you Blair for being so helpful and understanding when I called. You gave me an estimate of my cost which is something another local practice would not. My appointment was scheduled quickly and the office staff couldn't have been more pleasant. Dr Lambert explained the procedure and it was painless. You will certainly have my recommendation in the future.

Jeanne S

Infection Control

At Lambert Endodontics our team will provide you high-quality dental care. In doing so, you have entrusted us with your health, which is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We go above and beyond to bring you peace of mind. To start, our office is a clean and well-maintained facility that is staffed by trained professionals dedicated to your health and well-being. Each staff member follows strict protocols to protect you from infectious diseases and cross-contamination. 

Our office meets and, in most instances, exceeds the infection control standards set forth by OSHA and the CDC. In addition to cleaning treatment rooms before and after each patient, we take additional steps to ensure the health of our patients is not compromised:
  • Use of a self-contained water supply for each dental chair that is specially treated in order to eliminate odor and prevent bacterial biofilm from accumulating in the waterlines.
  • Use of an in-house water filtration system that produces 1 gallon of distilled, autoclave-safe water every 2 minutes, thereby eliminating the need for storing stagnant bottled water. This system self monitors to ensure consistently pure water.
  • Instrument sterilization is a multi-step process that begins with ultrasonic cleaning, which uses high-frequency energy to create a powerful scouring action. This cleans areas that could not otherwise be reached. The combination of intense energy and a powerful cleansing solution makes ultrasonic cleaning the most effective method for removing debris down to the microscopic level.
  • Following ultrasonic cleaning, instruments are dried in a specially-designed automated dryer in order to remove all moisture. Thorough drying is essential for proper sterilization.
  • Instruments are then steam sterilized in our autoclave that provides hospital-grade Class B sterilization (the highest standard of sterilization), which guarantees that the processed dental instruments are fully sterilized and dry at the cycle end.
  • All equipment is routinely monitored for effectiveness and performance.
Powerful Magnification & Lighting

Vision is incredibly important in endodontics. Canals can be smaller than the diameter of a human hair or even hidden beneath extensive calcification. And cracks are sometimes even more difficult to distinguish. For this reason, Dr. Lambert uses a dental operating microscope to aid in all phases of diagnosis and treatment.

Our microscopes incorporate an extensive amount of technology that makes them capable of up to 20x magnification. Such high-performance optics have an enormous light requirement, which powerful LED light sources easily meet. Together, the microscope and LED lighting allow Dr. Lambert to perform exacting treatment and even document internal defects of your tooth with clear photos from a digital SLR camera attached to each microscope. Dr. Lambert will make recommendations for your permanent restoration to your dentist based on what he sees during treatment.

Our advanced visual technology has been proven to provide you with the best possible outcome for your tooth.

Kodak 9000 3D (High-Resolution Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

We live in a 3-dimentional world, so it only makes sense that we should not rely solely on flat, 2-dimensional x-rays when making a complex diagnosis and treatment recommendation. 

At Lambert Endodontics, we are literally able to see dentistry differently with the Kodak 9000 Digital 3D CBCT machine. 

The Kodak 9000 3D produces a 360-degree view of the area of interest, which is reconstructed automatically within two minutes from when your scan is taken. Dr. Lambert can then examine your tooth, the periodontal ligament (socket) and surrounding bone in high-resolution slices as thin as 0.076mm.

These image slices give Dr. Lambert the ability to locate all the areas within a tooth that need to be treated, even when they would otherwise be hidden or blocked in conventional dental x-rays. In fact, the image resolution is so clear that examination of the microscopic internal root canal anatomy and external root surface is possible. Additional uses include finding complex anatomical nuances within your tooth, visualizing certain physical defects in the structure of a tooth such as, fractures, perforations, and root resorption (breakdown), and even making precise measurements when planning for microsurgery.


The Kodak 9000 3D requires minimal radiation in order to acquire high-resolution 3D scans that provide essential information to aid in simplifying difficult treatments. The exposure is equivalent to four or fewer bitewing x-rays, which are commonly taken at a routine dental checkup.

Your scan automatically integrates into your electronic patient record, which not only allows for seamless record keeping but also easy transfer images to your dentist or other specialists either via CD or email.

Advanced Equipment

Dr. Lambert uses the latest advanced equipment available for each treatment. These include highly flexible nickel-titanium files, computer-controlled rotary instrumentation, electronic apex locators, and precise ultrasonics.

Digital Radiography (X-Rays)
Our office uses digital sensors by Kodak for all radiographs. Kodak is a leader in imaging and has decades of experience with digital radiography. The advantage for our patients is that these high-resolution images require up to 90% less radiation when compared to conventional dental films. Additionally, digital radiographs are available for immediate viewing and are automatically stored in your secure electronic patient record. They are also environmentally-friendly because they eliminate the need for chemicals to develop film. Digital radiographs can easily be sent either via email or as a hardcopy, helping us communicate with other doctors quickly.
TDO - Electronic Medical Records
Lambert Endodontics is a paperless office thanks to our practice management software: The Digital Office (TDO). TDO is a fully secure electronic patient record (EMR) program that eliminates the typical and unnecessary office complexities, allowing us to focus on our top priority: providing you with excellent care.
You will immediately notice a key benefit of TDO when you are asked to register right here on our website at your own convenience before you appointment. 
TDO is always working hard in the background, seamlessly integrating, organizing and storing all your chart information (including x-rays, referral letters, CT scans, diagnostic and treatment information) so that we can communicate efficiently with your dentist to provide you with quality comprehensive care.
Referring dentists can access their patients’ appointment status, radiographs, and treatment progress at any time through the same secure website.
If you should need to contact Dr. Lambert outside of normal office hours, TDO gives him the ability to access your record in real-time from anywhere. 
Rest assured that your personal information is always secure thanks to 128 bit encryption - the same level of security banking centers use.
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